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Atari Stackhouse – ‘Phoenix Fire’ #GeniuzPick

I caught up with rapper Atari Stackhouse to discuss the story behind his album ‘Phoenix Fire’ he recently released independently.

A great project if I say so myself!

MG- Phoenix Fire is the title, why did you decide to call the project that ??

AS- I decided to go with phoenix fire when i moved to Arizona. It was an opportunity for a new life. A rebirth…. and I feel like the music reflects that well. If you listen to the 1st and 2nd mixtape comparatively, you really see the transition.

MG- I hate comparing artists but i listen to your music and you remind me of some of Kendrick Lamar stuff. Is he one of your influences? Who are your influences?

AS- Kendrick is definitely someone i admire . .. more like someone i look up to as an artist. I feel like its kind of a big brother feel. But influence wise , i came up watching and studying Lil Wayne and Eminem… I studied Bone Thugs n Harmony and Ludacris . Method man and Redman too. They are really my biggest influences.

MS- Kilmonger7, Naked Clocks, Lack Luster, and Tripping Out are just some of the joints that stood out to me. I just want to say that you’re very talented. I would love to be in the studio with you and see how you come up with these and watch you in your element. What is your process for writing and recording?

AS- Lol… I appreciate you pointing out my talent because to me its like a reflex. Depending on what i’m goin through in life at the time most of the music writes itself. Like right now, in the process of working on the next project so im working on like 9 songs at the same time. Where most people only do one song at a time… I’n jive Dyslexic so if i focus on one concept i get kinda lost… lose focus… So i bounce around song to song alot. Constantly rehearsing while i write to take breath control and melody in account. So recording do be a breeze. I do 1.5 hour sessions and easily record 3 songs in that one session

MG- Understandable… Another One of my favorite songs is The Water, what’s the story behind that one?

AS- The Water ….yea that was life at the time i wrote it. Everything i said m in that song was facts at the time. It was just my way of documenting my reality.

MG- What is your most personal song or your favorite song on your album?

AS- The most personal song on the album….i would say … its a tie between ‘HLA’ and ‘ tripping out’

MG- Shout out to Virginia and North Carolina, how do you feel those two places influences your music?

AS- VA and NC damn near is everything that make my music what it is. What i did and saw in my time growing up in those two places … living there … it made me who i am. Made my music is what it is.

MG- What do you want people to walk away feeling after they listen to this album?

AS- The way i want people to feel after they finish the album….i want them to feel like they are not alone. More importantly, if they do feel that way … then … its by choice. Im another man who have problems and victories just like the next and my world is open to them. I want people to share in my pain. The depression I overcame. The sheer joy of winning the fight against life every day.

MG- What is next for Atari Stackhouse? Personally and Professionally?

AS- Next for me….professionally im just trying to push my music and my brand to the next level. Hopefully things go my way……money and family are my only concerns right now. Not in that order either. But we will see wat happens.

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