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#tbt – HOMAGE ! – Sammie – From The Bottom To The Top albumin

TBT – 

So if you ask my family, they can all tell you that I ‘sang’ before I could talk. Now I don’t know if it sounded good, I just know that they said I was doing it. As long as I can remember, I always had a microphone or substitute for microphone in my hand. I remember every year I got the latest karaoke machine (homage!) or boom box. I always had tapes and cd.s, You can always find me in my room dancing and singing and writing songs as far back as 4 years old. 

When I was 9, a little 12 year old boy by the name of Sammie dropped his first album ‘From the Bottom to The Top”. He was brown skinned, curly hair like me  and could sing his face off. Nobody was out doing that at the time. Prior to that, I was looking at Jason Weaver as inspiration, shout out to Tevin Campbell, Usher etc.  Of  course we all respect Little Michael Jackson but in my generation, Sammie was fresh and leading the Y2K/millennial pack. To me, hes the reason why Bow Wow, B2K and the rest of the child stars right after popped off. 

‘I Like It’ was the lead single and was played everywhere and if you didn’t know it at the bus stop or at recess you were lame! LOL. #Fact. Then Crazy Things I Do For Love dropped, album cuts like From The Bottom To The Top, If I Can (I used to really sing that mad hard), Can’t Let Go with Lloyd (shout out to my childhood friend who used to go in with me on this) and everything else on that CLASSIC album. 

I remember I was a TLC fanatic and I used to write out my albums and because them and Monica worked with Dallas Austin, I remember I wanted to be signed to him. Then I saw that Sammie was with him and I was like … nah! I need to be a part of the crew definitely now.  Sammies album changed my life in many ways. It confirmed what I wanted to do and be, it gave me home that I can do it because I was watching him do it. 

Point of all of this is, somewhere in life I lost that dream. But there is a lil 9 year old boy inside that is like “Hey don’t forget about me”. Don’t ever lose your dreams. Don’t get me wrong, I am still living and doing what I want to do, but the kid I was was wide eyed and was determined. 

Today 19 years ago, Sammie From The Bottom To The Top dropped and I’m reminded of that era and the feels I got all over again.

Just wanted to share that with you all.  

GO stream that album and ALL OF THE ALBUMS Sammie has. He’s STILL one of the best to ever do it in this RNB thing! Period. If i ever get a chance to meet him or chop it up, I’ll will make sure I’ll let him know!

Thank You Sam! Thank You Music !!

– Mic Geniuz

(All pics are from Instagram: @sammiealways)

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