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Donovan McCray- G.O.L.D #GeniuzPick

Caught up with hip hop artist Donovan McCray on the day his new album G.O.L.D released on all platforms. Here’s what he had to say about the new album and sound.

MG- So you’re back with a new project called ‘Gold’ what was the inspiration behind this album ?

DM- I started the project in 2015 not really know what I was working on, the first finished track was “War” produced by U’niqueBeats once that track was complete I knew i had put together a collection of music that could hold its weight and it couldn’t be a mixtape this had to be my first body of work that actually mean’t something. Over the next few months I went through trials with a girl I was dating and some close friends and that shit just fueled the fire I had to get some stuff off my chest .

MG- God Overules Life-Death…. explain where that came from and what that means to you..

DM-It’s a fact, failed relationships failed friendships, I feel like god puts certain things/people/situations. etc…. in your life for a reason and in the same breath removes what’s toxic or what he feels you can’t handle or don’t deserve.

MG-The album was distributed through DOC Music Group … it starts with “IRap” featuring Madrique… he’s the only listed feature… was that on purpose?

DM-Yes, but not for obvious reason like label and all that. We have major history, we’re family I have the up most respect for his artistry and him in general, we was really in the trenches throwing donuts in boxes writing raps on napkins. He’s been one of my biggest so I had to get that verse.

MG-The album is a perfect blend of the current mainstream sound and the hard underground sound… was that intentional?

DM- I was definitely my intention to find the sweet spot. I pride myself on being versatile, the ability to please both sides of the spectrum while staying true to myself makes it so you can’t put me in a box.

MG-My favorite track is ‘Run It’ it’s my whole mood for 2019, what inspired that lyrically ?

DM-I felt like I needed to flex a bit, I feel like I got a chip on my shoulder. I made this for the people that know they’re putting work in.

MG-You were born in NYC but raised in Atlanta and Live in NC ? How did all those places inspire your delivery sound and flow ?

DM-Having experienced all of those atmospheres and and being able to take bits and pieces of their culture shaped the artist I am today all the different influences when it comes to flow and production selection helped mold my versatility.

MG-Who are you listening to currently in music?

DM-Jay-z, Cole, gunna, mick Jenkins, stunna4vegas, Da baby

MG-Has being a father changed or influenced your music ? How so?

DM- I would say yes for that simple fact that my kids are like sponges my son specifically he loves ride with pops and he loves music so I find myself thinking do I really want him listening to this or maybe I shouldn’t have said that but it’s up to me as a parent explain good and bad right and wrong.

MG- If your son wanted to follow in your footsteps would you assist him in a music career?

DM- Most definitely, with one condition be yourself and make the music that makes you happy and that you feel is going to connect with your generation.

MG-What do you want listeners to walk away with after listening to Gold ?

DM-This dude is not perfect, he struggles, he’s been through something and he didn’t quit.

MG- What’s next for Donovan McCray ?

DM- I’m going to keep grinding, continue making music for the soul for the people.

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